Windgate II is a quiet, pet-friendly community of brick townhomes in South Arlington. We’re a 10-minute walk to Shirlington Village and a 15-minute drive to downtown DC. Find out about Windgate II. See photos. Come visit! When you arrive, use this map to find your way around.
Verizon Fios
Verizon held a "tent event" Aug 18 at the gazebo for Windgate II and III residents. Read more.
Updates (Aug 9)
Mice: Recent rains seem to have forced mice out of their underground homes, so Covenant Pest Control is putting a higher toxicity bait, Fastrac, in bait stations around buildings 2508 and 2510 for one week. Children and pets should always be kept away from bait stations, but it is particularly important with this product. Read more.
Mosquitos: If there’s a drain or a drain pipe near you that does not have a mosquito dunk attached, report it to Dwayne. Read more.
Chimney Crowns: Katchmark begins sealing chimney crowns in mid-August. It takes about 2 weeks and requires access to patios so that tarps may be put down to catch any sealant that may fall. The sealant can stain patios, so it is critical that your patio gate be left unlocked to allow access. Residents will receive a notice on their front door with the estimated date for work on their unit.
Landscaping: Pruning of shrubs and ivy has begun. Dead trees will be removed soon near buildings 2538, 2540/42, 2548 and 2576.
Parking: No more than 2 cars per unit are authorized for residential parking at Windgate II. This rule is enforced by towing. You may report suspected violators to Dwaye Miller, Randee Coleman or a board member.
Trash, Maintenance
Submit work orders for maintenance at FSRConnect. Do not put trash or recycling out before pickup day. Read more.
Landscaping Overview
How are landscaping decisions made at Windgate II? What you can do to help? Find out.
Help Water Plants
Our landscape contractor has recently installed a variety of plants. Watering them is critical. If you have a few minutes to help water plants near your unit, thank you! Here are tips for watering plants.
Car Keys
Please consider leaving a car key with a trusted neighbor. This will help if you're gone and your car is parked in an area that is needed for work vehicles. Let Dwayne or a board member know which neighbor can move your car if needed. (Board member email address can be found on the Board page.)
Pool Reminders
Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing pool rules -- residents must not interfere. Alcohol and glass containers are prohibited. Food and drink must be kept at least 10 feet away from the water. Radios or other electronic devices may not be used without earphones. Put a towel on the chair before sitting or lying down. Don't leave trash; put it in a receptacle. Read more pool reminders and the pool rules.
The pool is open weekdays 10 am - 8:30 pm and weekends and holidays 9:30 am - 8 pm. We are excited to welcome back Lucie Svobodova as one of our lifeguards, along with Danielle Sassin, a Windgate II resident, and Erin Foster, a Windgate III resident.
Meeting Minutes
Read minutes from board meetings (owners only). Go to FSRConnect and select "forms & documents."

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FSRConnect provides work orders and more. Get access -- send an email to connect.dcmetro@fsresidential.com.
Welcome Packet -- What Windgate II residents need to know about parking, pets, the pool and more.
Facebook group for Windgate II & III -- join the conversation!
Have a concern or suggestion? Contact the ombudsman at jonathanwatsonwgii@gmail.com or (703) 409-7616. Read more.
Lost? Grab your phone and use this map.

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Landscape Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
Board Meeting, 7 pm
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Landscape Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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