Windgate II is a quiet, pet-friendly community of brick townhomes in South Arlington. We’re a 10-minute walk to Shirlington Village and a 15-minute drive to downtown DC. Find out about Windgate II. Come visit! When you arrive, use this map to find your way around.
Winter Advisory, Cold Temperatures -- Avoid Frozen Pipes
A winter advisory has been issued for midnight Friday (Dec 8) until 4 pm, Saturday, Dec 9. Temperatures will drop drastically over the next week. Protect your pipes! Have you winterized your outside hose spigots, including turning off the water to the spigot from inside your home? This is every homeowner's responsibility. Take this precaution to avoid a potential disaster. Read more.
Happy Hour Photos
More than 40 residents showed up for the Windgate II happy hour at Hula Girl on Nov 16 (see photos). Stay tuned for the next community social. See photos of other community events.
The tentative date for Windgate II residents to be able to get Fios service is late February 2018.
Fall Update
Hose valves, dryer vents, chimney flues, firewood and other issues are discussed in this update. These are homeowners' responsibilities. Read more.
Prevent Pipes from Freezing
Winter is coming -- it's time to close (turn off) the hose valve inside your unit and open (turn on) the hose spigots outside your unit. This is the responsibility of all unit owners. It will prevent pipes from freezing and possibly breaking. Read more.
Monthly Assessment & Budget for 2018
See the letter announcing the monthly assessment for 2018. To find the budget for 2018, log in to the FSR website and look on the "forms and documents" page.
Roof Update
Phase 1 of the roofing project is nearly complete. Thanks to residents for helping make Phase 1 a success! Phase 2 begins in the spring. Read about the project and what's been accomplished in Phase 1.
Landscape News
- Here are note from the fall landscape walk (Sep 2017).
- For residents who planted annuals earlier this year, now is the time to remove them from beds and planters and do fall clean-up.
- Residents are encouraged to remove empty planters from the common property for a neat and well-kept appearance.
- The hand rail by 2552-A will be relocated. If you know a place where a hand rail would be useful, please send an e-mail to pwalter-wg2@outlook.com.
New Board of Directors
A new board of directors was established at the annual meeting on Nov 2: Brian Cooney, Richard Freedman, Carole Hunt, Pat Walter, and Jonathan Watson. (See board page for officer positions.) Thank you for volunteering to serve Windgate II. And thanks to two outgoing board members -- Jennifer Commander and Geoff Hughes -- who oversaw our transition to a new management company, launched the roofing project, and served our community so well. Read Jennifer's report as outgoing president for 2017. See Geoff's remarks, including an explanation of what HOA fees pay for.
Jonathan Watson is our ombudsman -- a resource for owners to discuss concerns and share feedback with the board. Contact him at jonathanwatsonwgii@gmail.com or (703) 409-7616. Read more.

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FirstService Residential, our management company, provides work orders and more at FSRConnect. Get access by sending an email to connect.dcmetro@fsresidential.com.
Welcome Packet -- An overview of what Windgate II residents need to know -- pool, pets, parking, and more. Check it out!
Help Lost Visitors -- Grab your phone, use this map.

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