Use the email form below to send an email to the Windgate II community manager or other management staff, the Windgate II board president or committee chairs, or editor of this website.
Billing -- For billing questions, please email
Emergency - Call (703) 385-1133 and provide your name, property (Windgate II), unit number, phone number where you can be reached, and a description of the emergency.
Maintenance -- See the Maintenance page.
Ombudsman -- Have a concern, issue or suggestion? Contact the ombudsman for the Windgate II board, Jonathan Watson, at or (703) 409-7616. Read more.

Our FSR manager, Randee Coleman, manages multiple communities. When sending him an email, please include in the subject line “Windgate II Unit #25nn-a” and a topic (“need parking pass,” for example). If there is a deadline, include a “need by date.” In the body of the email, provide your email address and phone number. You may copy our ombudsman,
Maintenance -- For routine maintenance services , go to FSRConnect, log in to your account, select the "my community" section, and click on "submit a work order." For parking stickers, pool passes, gazebo reservations, variance and records requests, please see the Forms for Requesting page.
Moving, orientation, or resale inspections -- Please use the form below to contact Randee Coleman (select Randee in the "send to" box). When contacting Randee, please include: Windgate II, your unit number, the topic, your email address and phone number.
Landscape variance – Wish to add a perennial, shrub, tree, or other permanent addition to the common area? Use this form to submit a landscape variance request (with attachments) to the chair of the landscape committee, Pat Walter, at As a reminder, the common area consists of the entire property other than the individual units and the limited common elements associated with those units (patios, decks, front stairs and portions of the front stoops).
For many issues, the person to contact is Randee Coleman, our community manager from FirstService Residential (select Randee in the "send to" box below). When contacting Randee, please include: Windgate II, your unit number, the topic, your email address and phone number.
Sometimes, though, it may make sense to contact a board member -- if there's a sensitive matter involving another unit owner, or if you think a policy change needs to be considered, for instance. To bring such issues to the attention of the board, please contact Jonathan Watson, Ombudsman, at or (703) 409-7616.  
Comments about this website? Please use the form below to email Kirk Winters, web editor (select Kirk in the "send to" box). Your name, email address, and unit address are required fields and must be included. 
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