Forms for Requesting...
Please use these forms to initiate requests, communicate clearly, and get things done. 
  • Complaint form and policy for receipt and resolution of complaints
  • Gazebo application and rules
  • Landscape variance request – Wish to add a perennial, shrub, tree, or other permanent addition to the common area? Use this form to submit a landscape variance request (with attachments) to the landscape committee chair, Pat Walter, at Reminder: the common area consists of the entire property other than the individual units and the limited common elements associated with those units (patios, decks, front stairs and portions of the front stoops).
  • Maintenance request form. Go to FSRConnect, log in to your account, select the ”my community" section, and click on "submit a work order.” (Find out what the association's maintenance staff can help you with.) 
  • Parking permit form -- can be found on the Parking & Transportation page
  • Pods -- If you plan to use a pod for temporary storage while you move, please fill out and submit this pod approval form.
  • Pool application (for swimming pool passes) can be found on the Pool, Tennis, Gazebo page
  • Records request form -- for reading or copying Windgate II records (see "Examination and Copying of Association Records - 2012")
  • Selling your unit? Go to and select Order Documents & Certificates (and follow the steps).
  • Variance request form -- for home improvement projects that will affect the exterior appearance or structure of your unit.