Herbicide, Litter, Bulk Trash
Posted on Aug 13th, 2020

Blade Runners will apply a herbicide, Pylex, to turf this week, weather permitting. Pylex is used for post emergent control of broadleaf and grass weeds. Residents and pets should not walk on the turf until the product has dried. If weather requires rescheduling the application of Pylex, signs at the front and back entrances will be updated. Please refer to the attachment and the contact page at for more information. 
  • Please continue doing your part to help the community look good! Dispose of cigarette butts, candy, food and trash; do not leave them in the common areas. Littered food and candy can attract ants. Picking up cigarette butts and items that may have touched one's mouth can be hazardous to vendors and staff.
  • Please remember that furniture or similar bulk items cannot be put out for normal trash pickup. You must contact Capitol Services at (703) 998-5860 to schedule a bulk pickup.