Management Company Decision
Posted on Sep 14th, 2016

Thanks to the many residents who provided feedback to the Windgate II & III boards regarding each board’s decision as to which company will manage its association in 2017. In a previous broadcast message, the protocol for how the boards will vote was referred to incorrectly. The boards will not cast their votes in executive session. While they will discuss in executive session contractual matters, final votes of the two boards will be cast in open, public meetings in accordance with the Virginia Condominium Act. Dates for the final vote will be made public in the agendas for each board when those dates have been determined.
For background, see...
- the message from Presidents Geoff Hughes and Brenda Stanley
- proposal overviews from the 2 companies, KPA and FSR. (These overviews are extracted from the complete proposals, which are up to 40 pages long and contain proprietary and confidential information which neither company wants made public.)