Windgate II is a quiet, pet-friendly community of brick townhomes in South Arlington. We’re a 10-minute walk to Shirlington Village and a 15-minute drive to downtown DC. Find out about Windgate II. See photos. Come visit! Find unit numbers by using this map.
Update (Jun 2)
Throw Out Old Parking Permits
Towing is in effect for old parking decals and visitor passes. Please make sure you have discarded the ones that expired on May 31, 2023 and use only the new ones that are good through May 31, 2024.
Help Water Common Areas
We have part-time watering help through District Clean, who will be using the Association hoses and exterior spigots around the community. They can’t make it to every unit every day so consider grabbing a hose if your courtyard needs attention. There are hose holders installed on every building, but if there is no hose near your area, please send a work order to NRP. And make sure the water to your hose bib is turned on so workers can use it.
Board Meeting June 14
The monthly Board meeting is on Wednesday, June 14 at 7:00 pm on Zoom. Watch your email for the link. Owners are encouraged to attend.
Mosquito Season Is Here
Mosquitos lay eggs in standing water – even a very small amount. Be vigilant about dumping water from empty flowerpots, window well covers, and any other dish or surface around the outside of your unit.
Reminder: Owners can contact NRP by logging into the homeowner portal at https://portal.nrpartnersllc.com or by emailing Communications@NRPartnersllc.com

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The NRP Portal has work orders and more. Get access -- send an email to Communications@NRPartnersLLC.com
Facebook group for Windgate II & III -- join the conversation!
Have a suggestion? Contact the ombudsman at jonathanwatsonwgii@gmail.com or (703) 409-7616. Read more.
Lost? Grab your phone and use this map.

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