Windgate II is a quiet, pet-friendly community of brick townhomes in South Arlington. We’re a 10-minute walk to Shirlington Village and a 15-minute drive to downtown DC. Find out about Windgate II. See photos. Come visit! Find unit numbers by using this map.
Summer Social - 6/13
Windgate II residents are invited to join their neighbors at Samuel Beckett's in Shirlington Village on Thursday, 6/13 from 5 pm to 7 pm. Light refreshments and drinks will be served.
Tennis Court Keys
If you are planning to move out of Windgate and have a tennis court key, please remember to return the key to NRP so you can get your deposit back. 
Turn on Hose Bibs
Please make sure your unit's external hose bibs are turned on and available to landscapers and maintenance staff. If you notice your exterior hose bib is leaking when it's turned off, please place a work order on the NRP portal.
Unit Water Pressure
Owners should periodically check their unit's water pressure to ensure their PRV (pressure relief valve) is functioning properly. Pressure should be less than 75 psi. PRVs have a useful life of approximately 5 years and are the owner's responsibility to maintain and replace. High water pressure damages pipes and appliances, can cause leaks and floods, and increases the Association's water costs.
Parking Permits Expire May 31st
Make sure you switch out your parking permits and visitor tag! If you haven't picked up your new permits, you can pick them up on Thurs, 5/30 at the pool office from 5pm to 7pm.

Management Company
Send an email to NRP by going through the "Contact" page on this site.
The on-site manager works out of the pool house office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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