Our board consists of five unit owners who are elected each year at the annual meeting in October or November. These owners volunteer their time to make budget, policy, and project decisions for Windgate II. They also oversee and direct the company that manages Windgate II. When making decisions, board members draw on the reserve study, which describes all the things we owners "own" -- the physical assets of Windgate II. (To see the reserve study, go to FSRConnect, select "View All" beside "Forms & Documents," and type "reserve" in the search box.)
Members & Officers
Jennifer Commander, Kristin Semeniuk, and Dominika Taraszkiewicz have been elected to the board for another two-year term. This announcement was made at the annual meeting on October 21, 2021. An annual report slideshow was featured at the meeting. It describes accomplishments of this past year and projects planned for the upcoming year. See the slideshow and accompanying narrative.

The board for 2021-22: 

  President: Vicky Moore
  Vice President: Jennifer Commander
  Secretary: Kristin Semeniuk 
  Treasurer: Dominika Taraszkiewicz
  Member at Large and Ombudsman: Jonathan Watson
Thanks to all board members, past and present, for volunteering your time to serve our community -- and for helping make Windgate II a great place to live!
Jonathan Watson is the Windgate II ombudsman. He is the liaison between the owners and the board and is a resource for owners to discuss concerns and share ideas and feedback to the board. Jonathan can be reached at or (703) 409-7616. Read more. If there's an issue that you think the board should know about, the best way to do that is to tell the board in person at a board meeting. Meetings are held once a month, usually on the second Tuesday of the month. If there's an issue you’d like discussed at a meeting, let the community manager and ombudsman know, and it will be added to the agenda. There is also time during meetings when you can ask questions and make suggestions.
Minutes of Board Meetings
Keep up with what’s going on at Windgate II -- read the minutes of board meetings. Go to FSRConnect, select "View All" beside "Forms & Documents." Then type "minutes" in the search box.
Committees & Task Forces
Landscape Committee -- This committee makes recommendations to the board about the installation and maintenance of plants and trees. Find out more -- see the Landscape Committee web page.
Plumbing Task Force -- This task force was formed (January 2019) to study the impact of unit owner maintenance of water pipes and related fixtures on other residents in the same or nearby buildings, and to propose solutions to prevent or lessen the impact. Read more.
Past Boards 
2021 -- The following Windgate II owners served as board members and officers for Windgate II from Oct 21, 2020, to Oct 21, 2021,: Jennifer Commander, president, Jonathan Watson, vice president, Vicky Moore, secretary, Dominika Taraszkiewicz, treasurer, and Kristin Semeniuk, member at large. See slides from the 2020 board's presentation at the 2020 annual meeting (Oct 21, 2020).
2020 -- After the Oct 2019 annual meeting, the board was announced: Jennifer Commander, president, Melanie Barber, vice president, Vicky Moore, secretary, Dominika Taraszkiewicz, treasurer, Kristin Semeniuk, member at large. Read outgoing President Pat Walter's statement on accomplishments in 2019
2019 -- At the annual meeting on Nov 17, 2018, two new members were named to the board: Melanie Barber and Vicky Moore. Board members agreed on the following positions for Oct 2018 - Oct 2019: Pat Walter, president, Jonathan Watson, vice president and ombudsman, Richard Freedman, secretary, Vicky Moore, treasurer, and Melanie Barber, member at large. 
2018 -- Pat Walter, president, Jonathan Watson, vice president and ombudsman, Carole Hunt, secretary, Brian Cooney, treasurer, Richard Freedman, member at large.
2017 -- At the 2016 annual meeting, owners elected 2 new board members: Patricia Walter and Brian Cooney. Three members continued serving on the board (from 2016): Jennifer Commander, Geoff Hughes, and Jonathan Watson. At the 2017 annual meeting (Nov 2), outgoing President Jennifer Commander delivered her President's Report for 2017. Also, Geoff Hughes explained what HOA fees pay for. Officers for 2017 were: Jennifer Commander, President, Geoffrey Hughes, Vice President, Pat Walter, Secretary, Brian Cooney, Treasurer, and Jonathan Watson, At-Large Board Member and Ombudsman - 

2016 -- Geoff Hughes, president, Stefan Semeniuk, vice president, Jennifer Commander, treasurer, Mikhail Arthur, secretary, Jonathan Watson, at large. Read about why they ran for the board. See the 2016 budgetRead the President's Report for 2016, which outgoing President Geoff Hughes delivered at the 2016 annual meeting (Oct 20). See the reserve study report (2014) that helped inform the formulation of the budget (to see the reserve study report, go to FSRConnect, select "forms and documents," then select "association documents," then scroll to "2015 Approved Reserve Study.pdf."
2015 -- Jason Hickox, president, Kristin Semeniuk, vice president, Jennifer Commander, treasurer, Geoff Hughes, secretary, Kirk Winters at large. See the 2015 budget.