Governing Documents
How do things work at Windgate II? What are "the rules"? 
Standard operating procedures for Windgate II, including our rules and regulations, can be found in our governing documents.
Our governing documents are available at the NRP portal (see "Documents"). A few are below:
Declaration -- This is a legal contract that binds homeowners to the association and the association to each of the homeowners. It identifies units and common areas, define maintenance obligations of owners and the association, and otherwise restrict how the land can be used. Read the declaration
Bylaws -- These are guidelines for our meetings, elections, composition of our board, and other organizational and administrative matters. An effort to amend our bylaws, begun in the spring of 2015, resulted in the enactment of 27 of the 29 amendments proposed by the 2015 board. Read the board’s Sep 6, 2016, memo. See the amended and restated bylaws.

Rules and regulations -- These are most of "the rules" for Windgate II.
To see more Windgate II governing documents, please visit the NRP portal (select "Documents").