Maintaining the interior of a unit is the owner's responsibility. 
For exterior building maintenance and common area repair requests, submit a work order to NRP through your owner's portal or by sending an email through the Contact page. The community manager determines whether the onsite maintenance staff can perform the repair or if an external vendor is needed. Repairs performed by outside vendors generally take a little longer, particularly if bids or contracts are involved.
Most plumbing repairs require turning off the water for only that individual unit. However, if you need a repair that requires turning off the water beyond your unit, the community manager will make arrangements to shut off water to the entire building. (Read more about building shutoff valves.)

Emergency Maintenance
If emergency maintenance is needed, please call (703) 476-3639 and provide the following information:
  • Name
  • Property (Windgate II)
  • Unit (number and letter) 
  • Phone number where you can be reached 
  • Description of the emergency situation.
Events that Require Emergency Maintenance 
If an event threatens to cause major damage to property or poses a threat to personal safety, it requires emergency maintenance. In dangerous or life-threatening events, always call 911 first, and then call the community manager or the after-hours emergency number.
Events and conditions that may require emergency maintenance include:
  • Fire 
  • Major water leak 
  • Major roof leak 
  • Downed power lines 
  • Fallen trees.
Please note that the emergency number should not be used to request normal maintenance. For normal maintenance, please submit a maintenance request.