Rules for Parking
The board issued new parking rules in June 2022. The new rules are laid out in Policy Resolution 22-03 Parking Rules and Regulations. The most significant new rule is that parking permits are not transferrable between vehicles without the written authorization of the board. There are few other changes. This new resolution is available at FSRConnect under Association Documents, along with all other policy resolutions, and here.
Here is a summary of the parking rules from March 2019. In 2017, the board issued a parking update, which includes information about our two parking lots, parking decals (making them stick), moving, visitor parking, towing and more. The complete rules for parking are set forth in a 2004 document: "Policy Resolution #04-1 -- Parking Rules and Regulations." (To find these rules, go to Policy Resolutions and scroll down to Page 6.)
New Vehicle

Newly acquired vehicles must be registered. Please identify the car that is being replaced and its associated hang tag color and number. Please include your unit number, the topic, your email address and phone number.

Temporary Pass and Switching Permits

Do you have a short-term rental car? Are you a new resident waiting on your permanent parking pass? You can request a temporary pass by contacting our ombudsman Jonathan Watson,, or another board member. Please include your unit number, parking area color, make/model/license tag number and dates that you need the temporary pass. 

Do you want to switch permits between cars? RED and BLUE passes (issued to back units) may be transferred between the 2 vehicles registered to a unit in the back. Yellow and Green passes (issued to front units) may NOT be transferred between vehicles.
Overnight visitors may park in two areas:  
- Across from buildings 2518 and 2520 (near Heatherlea Condominium). 
- Near 29th Road (near Courtbridge Condominium).
You can find the two visitor parking areas on the Windgate II map (look for "Visitors"). When you arrive at Windgate II, you'll see "visitor parking" signs and a "V" on the pavement in the two areas.
Each unit is given one visitor pass. The visitor pass must be hung from the rearview mirror of the car parked in the visitor spot between the hours of 11pm and 4am to prevent towing.
Visitor parking is limited to 7 consecutive nights and 14 nights per month per vehicle. The main reason for towing in visitor parking is failure to properly display the permit, which must be place on the rearview mirror.
There is also free street parking available on S. Arlington Mill Dr. and S. Wakefield St.
Towing hours are 11 pm to 4 am nightly.
Advanced Towing is our contracted towing company. We sincerely hope it doesn’t happen, but if you or your guest is towed, you will need to retrieve the car from their lot at 4000-C North 5th Rd., which is at the corner with North Quincy St. Advanced Towing's phone number is (703) 525-0550. If you believe you have been towed erroneously or have a problem with the towing company, please let the community manager know. 
Buses & Bike Trail 
Four bus routes connect Shirlington to other parts of Arlington. The Four Mile Run bike trail passes by our front entrance (South Arlington Mill Drive).