Landscaping on Patios and Decks (July 6, 2020)
Landscape Rejuvenation Project (July 2, 2021)
Since inception, Windgate II has invested in and maintained an abundance of trees and shrubs to enhance the overall look of our community. Over time, our landscaping has matured, and we have many shrubs that are declining due to age or in some cases, inadequate pruning. We also have areas where shrubs, ground cover, and flowering annuals have outgrown their surroundings. 
In the recently completed Reserve Study, landscape rejuvenation was added as a funding category so that the Association could make major improvements in our aging landscaping over a span of several years. The rejuvenation project takes a holistic approach, including replacing older, less attractive plantings with new shrubs, assessing viability of existing plants and trees, and in some cases, using hardscape to enhance the overall appearance. Shrubs will generally be smaller in size (since they will be new plants), and we will have more open spaces in beds while shrubs and other plantings mature. One of the goals of the rejuvenation is to reduce overcrowding and minimize maintenance costs by choosing shrubs and other plants that naturally maintain a lower profile, thus reducing the need and negative effects of continual pruning. We also want to achieve a more cohesive look for the community.
We began the Landscape Rejuvenation project in the fall of 2019 with the rejuvenation of the 2500/2502 courtyard. In 2020, we rejuvenated the rear of 2506 and 2514 along the driveway; the rear of 2532 along the sidewalk; and the courtyards of 2532/2534/2536, 2544/2546, 2554/2556, 2574/2576. This year we rejuvenated the rear of 2546 and 2550 along the back entrance driveway, and the courtyards of 2504/2506, 2518/2520, and 2522/2524/2526.  Each year, several courtyards and/or common areas will be selected for rejuvenation. Selections are made by the Landscape Committee based on a consensus of areas with greatest need. Landscape rejuvenation will continue each year throughout the property until the entire property has been addressed as needed. 
In addition to landscaping, additional work will be performed in rejuvenation areas to replace window wells and address downspouts as needed.
If your area is not yet scheduled for rejuvenation, we ask for your patience. We recognize that there are many areas of need in the community; however, this project must be undertaken over a span of several years due to the scope and cost.
In addition to the rejuvenation plans, the Landscape Committee will continue to make recommendations to the Board to use the annual budgeted operating funds for non-routine landscape requirements including enhancements.
Other Landscape Updates (June 1, 2020)
Pruning of shrubs. We are anxiously awaiting our first spring pruning of shrubs by our new landscape maintenance contractor, Blade Runners. In the meantime, we recognize that we have some very overgrown shrubs and appreciate your patience. Please note that shrubs that are blocking windows pose a safety hazard and will be pruned to an appropriate height.

Pruning of trees. We are requesting proposals for tree pruning to maintain the proper distance between buildings and tree limbs and to remove deadwood.
Removal of dead shrubs and trees. Unfortunately, the weather conditions over the past two years have combined to have a dramatic effect on our shrubs and trees, with quite a few dying. We anticipate the removal of these shrubs and trees in the coming months.
Replacement trees. We have needed to remove a number of trees throughout the community over the past couple of years that were either dead, diseased, or causing damage to building foundations. We are working with our landscape contractor to identify the best places to plant new trees. We expect to have several new trees planted this year.
Intensive turf effort. The Landscape Committee and Board are working with Blade Runners on an intensive effort to revive our turf. To that end, we undertook soil profile improvement and fertilization late last fall as well as this spring and we plan another round this coming fall. In addition, we installed sod and hydro-seeded certain areas this spring and will do more this fall. The efforts seem to be paying off.  Several owners have been helping to monitor and water our new sod and hydro-seed. We owe them our thanks and appreciation!
Reminder to “Show a Little Tenderness”

These efforts to maintain a lovely green community are funded by our condominium association fees. It is in our self-interest to safeguard our investment. New shrubs, ground covers, trees, sod and hydro-seed are especially vulnerable to human feet, bikes, pet paws and pet urine. Please, no short-cuts through beds, keep your pets out of beds and do not let them urinate on new turf, shrubs and plantings that have not matured. Also please be considerate of annual flowers planted by your neighbors.   
Watering Volunteers

It is a struggle each year for our staff to keep up with watering our extensive landscape. If you are willing and able to give your area some individualized TLC, join the Landscape Committee’s list of watering volunteers. Or, if you want to be less structured, just water when it’s dry and when plants and trees are obviously hurting from heat and the lack of water. The Association can provide hoses and sprinklers if you need them.  
Committee Members Needed

If you are interested in landscaping matters and want to contribute to keeping Windgate II a beautiful place to live, please consider joining the Landscape Committee. To join the landscape committee, become a watering volunteer or if you have any questions on our plans, contact the Landscape Committee through FSR or by using the form at the bottom of the “contact” link on our website,
Planting by Residents -- For guidance on planting by residents, see Policy Resolution 17-03 Common Area Planting Policy.
Patio Plants -- Owners are responsible for the pruning of shrubs and trees within patios. Limbs should not touch the roof, overhang gutters, rest on fences, or interfere with passage outside the fence. Vines should be removed from buildings.  
Landscaping Decisions -- Ever wonder how landscaping works at Windgate II, or what you can do to help? Read this overview from the landscaping committee (July 2018).
The landscape committee makes recommendations to the board about the installation and maintenance of plants and trees in our common areas. 
NOTE: If you wish to add a perennial, shrub, tree, or other permanent addition to the common area, please use this form to submit a landscape variance request (with attachments) to the onsite manager. As a reminder, the common area consists of the entire property other than the individual units and the limited common elements associated with those units (patios, decks, front stairs and portions of the front stoops).
Minutes of landscape committee meetings are available: go to FSRConnect, log in, select Forms & Documents, then select Board & Committee Minutes.
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